Innovation is our top priority

We are a Styrian company that operates internationally and offers innovative products and services in the field of control and automation technology.

Pioneers in the field of district heating systems

For thirty years we have specialized in the field of HVAC building management with a focus on local and district heating systems and equip facilities of any size with these products.

Leading in MSR Systems

We can cite reference facilities in 19 countries.


Visualization – Highest demands for optimal use

Individual solutions for every task
Best possible support and service
Realisation of all components of a district heating facility with one system
Transparency down to the last corner of the facility
Simplifying the settings of system parameters
Making analysis options more extensive
Providing an overarching control system
Perfecting optimization
Visualization of control units of different manufacturers
Integration of and into diverse common databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, …)


Pure innovation – the module regulators of the MC and MR series

The control unit allows you a targeted control, visualization, monitoring and optimization of your system. Through the connection to the Internet, access can also take place from outside. With the help of iOS and Android apps, you always have your system under control and can intervene in the control unit at any time. Settings and optimizations can also be carried out directly on the control unit. These possibilities of access from outside as well as directly guarantee a simple and fast optimization of your control unit at any time.